May 22, 2020

First Aid Questions and Answers| Kerala PSC Fireman Exam|Staff nurse Exam (81-100)

First Aid Questions and Answers| Kerala PSC Fireman Exam|Staff nurse Exam (81-100)

In this post 20 MCQ's on First aid is given. this will be helpful for all medical-related exams including Staff nurse exam Kerala PSC. First aid questions will also be helpful for Fireman Exam conducted by Kerala PSC

First Aid Questions and Answers

81) A boy with frostbite on his feet, what should you do?
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a) Rub his feet vigorously until feeling and color return.
b) Apply hot moist towels to feet and massage gently.
c) Soak feet in warm water not more than 105 degrees, bandage with dry sterile dressing.
d) Soak feet in warm water not more than 90 degrees; rub feet gently until feeling and color return, then wrap with sterile dressing.

82) A man is having a heart attack, he has medication with him, what should You do?

a) Give the medicine to him placing it under the tongue, Call all emergency number.
b) Assist him with the medicine, Call number., reassure him until help arrives.
c) Call 911, place medicine in mouth and begin CPR.
d) Have the victim lay down, Call number..

83) A boy enters your bus, you smell alcohol, he passes out before you get to His bus stop, what should you do?

a) Take the boy back to school
b) Stop the bus, check for breathing and pulse, Call number..
c) Allow the boy to sleep it off and take him home.
d) Drive the boy to the nearest fire station or hospital.

84) A girl has her tooth knocked out and she has found the tooth, which is the best action to take:

a) Place the tooth under her armpit and take her to the dentist.
b) Wrap the tooth in sterile gauze and take her to the dentist.
c) Place the tooth in a closed container of cool milk or water, until she reaches the dentist
d) Have her place the tooth under her tongue until she reaches the dentist.

85) A girl is not breathing but has a pulse, what would be the best course of action?

a) Call 911, and begin CPR immediately.
b) Call 911, and begin rescue breathing.
c) Call 911, check for blocked airway, begin CPR.
d) Call 911, and wait for professional medical help to arrive.

86) Where would you check the pulse on a 12-year-old boy?

a) On the inside of the arm between the elbow and shoulder.
b) At the side of the neck
c) On the inside of the wrist.
d) Both b & c

87) A boy has his finger severed off, what action would be the best?

a) Put the severed end of the finger back in place, wrap the entire finger in Sterile gauze, and transport to the hospital immediately
b) Wrap the severed finger in sterile gauze, place it in a plastic bag, put the bag on ice transport
both finger and the victim to the hospital.
c) Place the severed finger in a plastic bag, have the boy place the bag under his armpit, transport
immediately to the hospital.
d) Place a tourniquet at the stub where the finger was severed to control bleeding transport to the hospital immediately.

88) What is the CPR procedure for a six-year-old boy?

a) 15 compressions, 1 breath, 5 cycles in 1-minute
b) 15 compressions, 2 breaths, 4 cycles in 1-minute
c) 5 compressions, 1 breath, 12 cycles in 1-minute
d) 3 compressions, 1 breath, 20 cycles in 1 minute

89) What is the first thing you should do for someone you suspect has an electrical burn?

a) Check for breathing and a pulse
b) Check to see if electricity is turned off
c) Check for severe bleeding
d) Check for shock

90) A boy is shot with an arrow through the chest and out the back, what would be the best course of action?

a) Remove the arrow and apply sterile gauze to the wound.
b) Do not remove the arrow, place several dressing around the arrow to keep it from moving, bandage the dressings in place around the arrow.
c) Do not remove the arrow; break off the part out the back, bandage with dressing around the arrow to hold it in place.

d) Remove the arrow, wash the area, and bandage with sterile gauze.

91) A girl is unconscious, she is heavily dressed and her skin is reddish, dry and hot, what should you do?

a) Call 911, begin CPR.
b) Call for an ambulance; loosen tight clothing, check for breathing and pulse.
c) Check for breathing and pulse, Call 911, get the girl out of the heat, loosen tight clothing, and cool her off any way you can.
d) None of the above

92) A boy has a sliver in his eye, you should….

a) attempt to remove the splinter with tweezers.
b) flush the eye with cool water or milk.
c) Leave the sliver in, Call for help.
d) Wrap sterile gauze around the head covering both eyes.

93) Your driving your route and you come across a victim lying in the middle of the road that appears to be unconscious, you should….

a) pull the bus safely to the side of the road place your reflectors around the injured person and call emergency number
b) Position your bus to protect the victim, turn on your flashing red lights, call all emergency number
c) Pull the bus safely to the side of the road, drag the victim out of the roadway, call all emergency number.
d) Continue driving to the nearest phone, Call all emergency number

94) When performing CPR on a child, how deep should the chest compressions be?

a) 1½ inches.
b) 2 inches
c) 2½ inches
d) 3 inches

95) When performing CPR on an adult, how deep should the chest compressions be?

a) 1½ inches.
b) 2 inches
c) 2½ inches
d) 3 inches

96) A first aid responder should move a victim when….
a) it would make it easier to administer first aid.
b) The victim is in a dangerous position.
c) Never
d) Both a & b

97) There are three basic steps you can take in an emergency:

a) Call, Check, Care
b) Check, Call, Care
c) Recognize, Decide, Call
d) Decide, Execute, Call

98) You approach a victim that is unconscious and wearing a medical alert tag indicating a diabetic condition. You would:

a) Begin Rescue Breathing
b) Begin CPR
c) Administer the victims insulin
d) Check victim for breathing & pulse

99) An eight-year-old child is unconscious and the airway is blocked. You should:

a) Give abdominal thrusts
b) Begin CPR
c) Begin Rescue Breathing
d) All of the above

100) A victim is coughing up blood with bleeding from the mouth and is tender in the abdomen. Pulse is weak and rapid. The victim is having signs of

a) Massive head injuries
b) Internal Bleeding
c) Drug Overdose
d) Possible Poisoning

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