May 8, 2020

Staff Nurse Exam Questions Kerala PSC -Nursing MCQ Questions 6

Staff Nurse Exam Questions Kerala PSC -Nursing MCQ Questions 6

Hi, In this post MCQ Questions on Nursing topics are given. This will be useful for all staff nurse job aspirants. The staff nurse exam is conducted by UPSC, SSC, and all state PSC's including Kerala PSC. 
Staff Nurse Exam Questions Kerala PSC -Nursing MCQ Questions 6

51. Mosquito may fly up to

 A:-2 miles 

B:-3 miles 

C:-4 miles D:-5 miles 

Answer:- B:-3 miles 

52. Elimination diet refers to diet for 

A:-Allergic conditions 



D:-Coeliac diseases 

Answer:- A:-Allergic conditions 

53. FSSAI stands for 

A:-Food Safety and Security Authority of India

 B:-Food Safety and Standards Authority of India 

C:-Food Standards and Security Authority of India 

D:-Food Safety and Standards Agency of India 

Answer:- B:-Food Safety and Standards Authority of India 

54. Schick test can be done in case of 

A:-German measles 




Answer:- B:-Diphtheria 

55. The site for commonest limb amputation is 

A:-Above elbow 

B:-Below elbow 

C:-Below knee 

D:-Above knee 

Answer:- C:-Below knee 

56. The raise in pasteurization temperature was done for the complete destruction of


B:-E. Coli 

C:-FMD virus 


Answer:- A:-Coxiellaburnetti 

57. World Health Organisation came into function on 

A:-`12^(th)` April, 1948

 B:-`2^(nd)` March, 1956 

C:-`24^(th)` April, 1954 

D:-`7^(th)` April, 1948 

Answer:- D:-`7^(th)` April, 1948 

58. Mallet Finger is 

A:-Flexed MP Joint 

B:-Flexed PIP Joint 

C:-Flexed DIP Joint 

D:-Extended MP Joint

 Answer:- C:-Flexed DIP Joint 

59. Pavlik Harness is indicated in 

A:-Wrist drop 

B:-Foot drop 

C:-Anterior dislocation of shoulder 

D:-Congenital dislocation of hip 

Answer:- D:-Congenital dislocation of hip 

60. Paratyphoid fever is caused by 

A:-S. Enterilidis 

B:-S. Choleraesuis 

C:-S. Delby 

D:-S. Typhi 

Answer:- A:-S. Enterilidis

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