May 9, 2020

Staff Nurse Exam Questions Kerala PSC -Nursing MCQ Questions 8

Staff Nurse Exam Questions Kerala PSC -Nursing MCQ Questions 8

Hi, In this post MCQ Questions on Nursing topics are given. This will be useful for all staff nurse job aspirants. The staff nurse exam is conducted by UPSC, SSC, and all state PSC's including Kerala PSC. 

Staff Nurse Exam Questions Kerala PSC -Nursing MCQ Questions 8

71. A moving clot in the blood stream is known as _________. 





Answer:- D:-Embolism 

72. USG stands for _________. 

A:-Unit Specific Gram's staining 

B:-Ultra Sonogram 

C:-Ultra Sound Gauge 

D:-Ultraviolet Sensors 

Answer:- B:-Ultra Sonogram 

73. Diabetes insipidus differs from Diabetes mellitus by lack of presence of ________ in urine. 




Answer:- C:-Sugar 

74. ________ is transmitted through blood transfusion. 


B:-Viral hepatitis 



Answer:- B:-Viral hepatitis

 75. The child dosage of drugs is determined by _________ formula in western medicine.





Answer:- A:-Young's 

76. A patient chokes while eating. The first thing the nurses’ assistant should do is

 a. attempt to remove the obstruction. 

b. call for a licensed person.

 c. tilt the victim’s head back and give two quick breaths.

 d. slap the patient between the shoulder blades. 

Answer: d. slap the patient between the shoulder blades.

 77. Kshara suthra can be used in __________. 




D:-Karna soola 

Answer:- B:-Bhagandara 

78. Continuing education is

 a. necessary for recertification in many states. 

b. important for keeping abreast of new development. 

c. a professional standard. 

d. all the above. 

Answer: d. all the above.

 79. On what side should the patient lie for an enema? 

a. Right. 

b. Left.
c. Whichever side is more comfortable. 

d. The side closer to the restroom. 

Answer: b. Left. 

80. The nurse on oncology is caring for a client with a white blood count of 600. During evening visitation, a visitor brings a potted plant. What action should the nurse take? 

A. Allow the client to keep the plant 

B. Place the plant by the window 

C. Water the plant for the client 

D. Tell the family members to take the plant home 

Answer: D. Tell the family members to take the plant home

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